WEAR THE FUTURE | “hamon” comes into the world, we as human reach idealized future.


“Wearable” biometric
information management
leads us to the next stage.

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hamon moves forward
with its strong will.

You probably have seen the scenes like biometric information such as heart rates and breathing rates collected from costumes worn by main characters in old films featuring SF or near-future. The advance of technology has succeeded in painting a bright future, however, biometric information management has not been a part of our lives yet.

We can make own body condition better and healthier if collecting and analyzing accurate biometric information from smart-wear on a daily basis is just a part of our regular days. On the other hand, our current situation where each biometric information has been left behind delays an arrival of the path for us to go.

The meaning of existence of our smart-wear system “hamon” is to change a current situation at an innovative speed. As biometric information is integrated in our daily activity like “to wear”, each of us finally faces own body to select simple choices and activities for future. “hamon” comes into the world, and starts to step forward with its mission to innovate a new era.



Our “self-developed” production
circumstances create
both outstanding quality and
developing speed.

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“hamon” draws
a beautiful and soft circle.

The development of “hamon” consists of “smart-wear” and “devices/applications/system”. It requires to merge different technology in particular fields. In this case, partnering up with several companies is necessary. However, serious issues do occur such as suffering from different levels of technology or speed that causes the time loss. Therefore, experts in various fields ingather to focus on self-developed system so that we have built up our own circumstances to head the shortest way. This “self-developed system” is the condition to create the integrity of “hamon”.


hamon is our solution to realize complicated biometric information management
together with several products and systems such as “smart-wear” and “applications/clouds”.
We have succeeded in combining both uncompromising quality and flexible customization
with our self-developed technology.

  • Smart-Wear Conductive fiber “AGposs” with the world-class functionality is used. We focus on collecting elaborating data and long-time comfortability.
  • Transmitter Detachable device transmitting biometric information pursuits durability, reduction in both size and weight, and is rechargeable and waterproof.
  • Applications/Clouds Applications that enable us to monitor with smartphones are ready. Information can be accumulated and analyzed in these applications via clouds.

《 Image of “hamon” Flow 》

Image of “hamon” Flow


Various lineups are available to realize biometric information management to meet your needs.
They can be customizable with our complete self-developed system.

  • Multi-purpose Stretchable and comfortable, keeps adequate tightness, away from pressure and suffocation. It can be multi-purpose to meet your needs with the use of specific fiber.
  • Sports Bras Stretchable and comfortable to fit every single woman's life. It can be used as a sports bra or an inner.
  • Sports Several selections are available to fit various sports or trainings. A transmitter can be placed on your chest, around the middle or the back of your neck as well.
  • Health Care Not only soft, super-absorbent, quick-drying but washable for up to 5 times and disposable. Pullover and slip-on with side tapes are available to meet the needs of care receivers.



“Intelligence” will be everywhere
in our social lives.

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“hamon” opens up

What we proceed with “hamon” is to suggest solutions to healthcare fields, and to support physical conditioning for athletes. Yet we are willing to do more, because biometric information management is a new concept with versatile possibilities. It enables us to discover each personal potentials or corporations to build in their own strategies. The keyword is “Life Intelligence”. We as human can pursue own happiness in our lives easily by using “intelligence” collected from biometric information. “hamon” opens up its possibilities endlessly.


Solutions are realized in various fields such as healthcare or sports
as biometric information has been accumulated and analyzed
in partnership with industry-government-academia.
They can be customizable to meet your needs and budgets.

Health Care

Support health conditions with alert systems and health managements by checking stress level for each/family members.

Industrial Operation Management

Support health conditions for long-distance drivers or workers under severe environments. Support safety controls by encouraging them adequate rests during working hours.

Nursing Care

Solve current social issues such as aging society or nuclear family by remotely looking after family members in the distance.

Sports Conditioning

Analyze training methods or resting time for athletes as they wear “hamon” as workout outfits. Effects such as stress reduction or high performance are expected by managing each heath conditions.


We can pursue a safe and comfortable life together with simpler and happier life
once we manage to weave our biometric information into various aspects of life.

For instance,

We might be able to predict a cause of deconditioning
by following own health management daily.

We might be able to judge occupational aptitude
by checking own biometric information or stress data.

We might be able to decrease stress level and fatigue and contribute
to improve work environment by conducting employees’ physical conditioning.

We might be able to judge sporting ability or performance aptitude
by accumulating and analyzing biometric data from childhood.

We might be able to improve a sleep quality more
by accumulating data when we sleep with smart-wear.

We might be able to share biometric information with a family physician or paramedic
in case of emergency for family member apart.

Mitsufuji is willing to keep offering various solutions
to the world based upon our concept “Life Intelligence”
to realize daily biometric information management describe above.



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